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Regularly Scheduled Classes

                                Starting October 16th, 2017
          6:30 PM - Beginner Agility with Daryl Davis.
                  Come out with your puppy and enroll in
                  one of the fastest growing sports,
                     Dog Agility.  Fun for you and your dog.
                 First class is WITH OUT your dog. 
                 A crate for your dog is NOT
                 required for this class.
        Gift Certificates are available for this class!
         Starting October 16th, 2017
            7:30 PM - Level 2 Agility with Daryl Davis

         A crate for your dog IS required for this class.
 Come Join the fun - Contact Coralie at 239-768-6554 for Prices and Information.

     6:30pmBeginner Obedience with Cathy Cappelen.  
           Have a new puppy or an older dog that needs a
               little bit of obedience training?
               This is the place for you!  Our 6 week class will
               help both you and your dog!
          New Series Starts  October 24th, 2017
        Gift Certificates are available for this class! 
First Class Is Handlers Only.  No Dogs.  
                    No Crate Is Required In This Class.


                   Starting November 1st , 2017
        7:30pmLevel 2.5 Agility with Steve Kneebone 
            This is the next step with you and your dog
            to get you out into competition!
             A Crate For Your Dog Is Required For This Class.
             Please Bring Your Own Crate For Your Dog.

             You Can Contact Coralie at 239-768-6554
                  For Information On These Classes 


November Class Dates with Daniel McDonald:
 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th  

The cost will be $100.00 for 4 classes.

Class Times:
6:30 - 8:00 PM - Novice/Open Agility - Advanced Level Agility

If you would like to drop in to one of the above classes please contact Daniel directly.  The cost for a drop in is $30.00

Please bring a crate for your dog.
Please pick-up after your dog.

Contact Coralie for more information at 239-768-6554


            STARTING October 26th, 2017
         With Irene Levine

             6:30 -  Obedience 2

             7:30 -  Obedience 3                                                                                           

            ***** There will be NO CLASS November 9th or 16th
           A crate for your dog is not required for this class.
                             Contact Coralie at 239-768-6554
                              For information.   


Daniel McDonald will be available for private agility lessons on Friday, November10th.







Individual training available 8:00 to 5:00
When training on your own, you must have a crate
for your dog(s).    The Cost Is $10.00 Per Person.


Daily individual

For all who have taken classes at CDTC, the training center is open daily for individual training.  The cost is $10 per person inside or on outside agility field.  Any person who trains on the floor or field must pay.  Those with multiple dogs only pay $10.  All Dogs Are Required To Be Crated When Not Training.
                             YOU MUST SIGN IN AND PAY

All of our instructors are available for private lessons by appointment.
Important: New students must call Coralie at 239-768-6554 for details.
If You Have Not Trained At The Training Center For
At Least 6 Months, You Must Fax Your Vet Records
To Coralie

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